Super Mediclaim is an Indemnity based Health Insurance Product that offers comprehensive coverage against critical illnesses such as cancer, major heart ailments, organ transplants & even critical surgeries. It gives the flexibility to choose from among 4 Plans basis your requirement.

  • Cancer Mediclaim: Comprehensive coverage for a wide-range of cancer ailments
  • Heart Mediclaim: A plan that covers 16 Critical Heart related Illnesses
  • Critical Mediclaim: A plan that covers 32 defined critical illnesses.
  • Operation Mediclaim: A plan that offers coverage for wide array of defined surgeries.

Cancer Insurance Mediclaim

Lifelong Cancer Care protection at unbeatable prices

You never reared a bad habit, not even once. Nor did a family member ever suffer from Cancer. Yet, here you stand, fighting the deadly disease that has caught you unawares. ^Around 10 Lac cases of cancer is reported every year in India. Super Mediclaim’s Cancer Cover provides a host of benefits for patients to fight Covered Cancer at all stages.

Heart Care Mediclaim

Affordable heart insurance for heart related illnesses

Your life resonates the music of your heart. If it ever misses a beat, your world would fall apart. So, better not take a risk. Get your Super Mediclaim now to keep your heart beating.

Critical Illness Insurance

Affordable Mediclaim Policy for 32 major critical illness

Even at the most predictable moments, life brings an unexpected twist. It is impossible to anticipate the future with flawless accuracy, even if you are a gifted seer. And in times like these, when a bolt from the blue can shake your rock bottom, an indemnity cover for critical illnesses comes in handy.

Operation Insurance

A Mediclaim policy that comprehensively covers expenses related to Surgical procedures

Did the doctor suggest surgery as the only way out? Don’t worry! We are there to bear the costs. Religare’s Super Mediclaim now comes with an Operations Cover that takes care of your surgical needs.


The Insured Person may access health related information and services such as health risk assessment, Doctor on chat, Special rates for OPD, Diagnostics and Pharmacy through Network Providers , etc as available on the Company's website.

Salient Features

- Search the best deal in your location
- Discount on all Healthcare and wellness services like Doctor Consultations, Diagnostics, Pharmacy, Dental Consultation and treatment
- Comprehensive details on Doctors like qualification & appointment details.
- Access to Right Healthcare Service, at right time and place.
- Symptom tracker
- Ailment to specialty tracker
- Automated discount coupon download
- 24x7 on call support

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