Embarking on a trip often requires a lot of prior preparations. From shopping to packing the items needed for the trip, everything demands care. To cover unexpected, out of pocket expenses, people get travel insurance to have a safe and fruitful trip. Though you make many preparations to be safe and make your travel experience a memorable one, there are uncertainties that can make their way any time. Often considered an unnecessary expense, travel insurance has now become a mandatory thing like car insurance.

Choosing the right one is also a crucial decision, this is where we make it easier. More than trip cancellation benefits, Religare travel insurance focuses on medical benefits like evacuations and more. Travel insurance protects you and your family in case of mishaps or difficulties during travel. Be it occasional travellers or regular flyers, everyone needs travel insurance based on their needs. Travel insurance provides protection according to the geographical location of the plan. There are specific covers of travel insurance for Schengen visa and International travel insurance. So, to tackle the risks of travelling abroad like loss of passport, loss of checked baggage and delays, getting Religare travel insurance is a wise choice.

Catering to people in all walks of life, there is always a type of travel insurance that suits their requirements in a cost-effective way. Travel insurances come with different plans for different requirements. There will be comprehensive coverage of both medical and health benefits through Religare travel insurance. So, instead of considering travel insurance as just another means of expense, consider it as a useful means to make your travel free of worries. Your travel insurance will cover unexpected medical bills during travel, losses, cancellations and much more. It is the era of the modern world, so getting your own travel insurance online is a hassle-free job. It can be done with a few clicks online. Instant payments mean getting insured within minutes online.

Out of different types of travel insurance online like individual travel insurance, student travel insurance and family travel insurance, Religare travel insurance provides instant and fast processing of travel insurances. Travel insurances not only covers the medical expenses but also covers the loss of luggage, loss of passport and more. Being one of the insurance types which has not gained the prominence it deserves, travel insurance is often mistaken when it comes to understanding it and its concepts. In spite of meticulous planning for travels, unforeseen mishaps or accidents might occur. In such a scenario, travel insurance comes in handy. Especially for overseas travellers, a travel insurance is the first thing you should be packing before anything else.

Why Religare Travel Insurance?

Getting your travel insurance from a trusted company like Religare is extremely important. Some people dubiously think that the health insurance will cover all unexpected expenses and a travel insurance is not mandatory. Religare travel insurance offers policy coverage to cover the expenses of both in-patient and an out-patient medical bill of the insurer. Unlike other travel insurance online which do not cover the charges for medical emergencies due to pre-existing medical ailments, Religare takes such existing diseases into considerations as well and provides coverage in case the condition of the patient is life-threatening and needs immediate medical help. Not merely covering the hospital bills like other existing travel insurances in the market, Religare travel insurance also provides daily allowances for the patient during their stay in the hospital. Such daily expenses for the patient may be transportation, meals, communication expenses and more.

Religare international travel insurance covers the expense incurred for medical evacuation and transportation charges for the insured in case of the emergency medical requirement in any network hospitals that are close by. Religare offers customised travel insurance packages according to one's own requirements. There is a 24/7 customer support from Religare online. Your travel insurance at Religare is issued online instantly making it more convenient than any other insurance providers. Excellent customer support for any assistance regarding the details of the travel insurance plans or for settlements, Religare assistance is always available. So, any problem or dispute is also addressed 24/7 at Religare.

Types of Travel Insurance Plans

There are three distinctive types of travel insurance. They are for individuals, students and groups. Accordingly, there is a travel insurance policy that suits each individual's distinct needs.

  • Single trip insurance is the type which is valid for a single trip and has a validity for a set number of days. The policy period in single trip insurance can be for a duration of 365 days. Single trip insurance is for occasional or non-frequent travellers
  • For people who are regular flyers, there is a policy which suits there needs which is the Multi-trip insurance. Under multi-trip insurance, you can choose between the two available options with Religare

First one is for a maximum period of 45 days per trip and the second one is for a maximum of 60 days per trip.

Three main types of travel insurance provided by Religare are Explore, the Student Explore, and Group Explore.

  • Explore: Explore is the name of the International Travel Insurance-type specially intended for individuals, provided by Religare. It is a country-specific plan designed to cut down costs. International travel insurance by Religare covers different medical benefits such as medical evacuation, in-patient and out-patient hospital bills, coverage for pre-existing ailments and much more. Some of the non-medical benefits of International Religare Travel insurance are the coverage for delay, cancellation and interruptions during travel. Coverage for loss of passport, checked-in baggage and more. Getting international Religare travel insurance will prove to be an investment rather than an expense when it comes handy during medical exigency.
  • Student Explore: For students who wish to travel abroad for higher studies can get a student international travel insurance. The student travel insurance can be modified and customised according to the requirements of the university they are enrolled with.
  • Group Explore: Whether you are travelling with a group of friends or colleagues, having a group travel insurance is of good use. Ensure a safe and worry-free journey for your employees, be it abroad or locally with overseas travel insurance and domestic travel insurance respectively. This type of group travel insurance is more flexible as you can choose the type of insurance pertaining to single trip travel insurance or annual-multi trip policy.

International Travel insurance

Applicable worldwide, Religare travel insurance policy can be customised according to the geographical location. You can get country-specific travel insurance plans in Religare to suit your requirements. The international worldwide travel insurance covers various medical benefits and non-medical benefits. Here you pay per-day rates rather than for slabs, thereby reducing the cost. Some of the medical benefits of overseas travel insurance at Religare include hospitalisation cover which includes the bill of both in-patient and out-patient department.

  • It provides 20% sum insured as outpatient care. Personal accident and dental expenses are covered under International travel insurance issued by Religare. Double Sum is insured for accident hospitalization of the insurer
  • It covers common career accidental deaths and provides coverage for pre-existing health problems
  • International travel insurance provides cashless claim settlements
  • The policyholder can easily upgrade into business class seats during their flight with this type of Overseas travel insurance
  • The policy settles all the monetary losses incurred during the flight due to the delay for valid reasons
  • Through Religare, getting international travel insurance online happens just in few minutes
  • Non-medical travel insurance benefits are the coverage for loss of checked baggage and loss of passport
  • Any interruption, delay or cancellation of the trip cost will be covered through international travel insurance at Religare
  • Coverage for up gradation to business-class and medical evacuation in case of emergencies are also provided

There are some countries which specify that carrying a medical insurance is mandatory. For instance, in the Schengen region, some types of medical insurance is definitely a prerequisite before getting a visa. The Schengen region is a collective collaboration of 26 European countries which act as one single country to facilitate international travel plans. Even for countries which do not specify the need for travel insurance, it is always advisable to have one as any medical expense outside India is definitely 10 times costlier than the home town. So, to be on a safer side always get your international travel insurance before flying.

Business travellers

For frequent travellers, the multi-trip policy can be availed which can help in saving the cost of getting separate international travel insurances for each trip. Whereas for students who take a flight to pursue their studies abroad, student travel insurance can be availed.

Religare international travel insurance has many benefits compared to other market policies. A 2-way compassionate visit which provides coverage for one family member of the insurer to fly to the location of the insurer. In case a person who travelled abroad alone with a child is hospitalised, then International travel insurance by Religare covers the expenses of the travel of the child back to the home town. Since the international travel insurance is geographic based plans, it is cost-efficient as they are framed by considering the medical expenses in that particular region rather than generalising the cost.

Student travel insurance

Students in abroad are prone to a high risk of uncertainties when they are away from family and friends. The cost of casualties and hospitalization abroad may be exorbitantly high, therefore Religare student travel insurance provides cover for such cases. If students avail travel insurance, they can focus only on studies and be back with good memories. Students who travel abroad to pursue their studies in international universities have extensive benefits through the student travel insurance from Religare. Religare student travel insurance is considered the most cost-effective insurance in India as it has cashless settlements. The student travel insurance is a policy by Religare that covers the unforeseen medical expenses of the students. Once the students are studying abroad, financial emergencies are inevitable. In such a scenario, Religare student travel insurance comes in handy. Religare is the most sought-after student travel insurance as their premiums are comparatively lower compared to other student travel insurances offered by universities. The insurers are assisted with 24/7 customer support to answer any queries relating to the policy.

  • Students travelling to European countries under Schengen territory need to apply for Schengen travel insurance. Students pursuing an education in abroad universities have different travel insurance for Schengen visa according to the need of the universities
  • Overall Religare travel insurance for students offers a comprehensive package of medical, non-medical and travel expenses
  • Customising the insurance policy according to the mandatory requirements of the university proves the versatility of this type of travel insurance
  • There is immense flexibility in choosing your own geographical coverage of the policy, unlike other travel insurances in that have a single plan for all geographical locations
  • Religare student travel insurance has no upper age limit and no per ailment limit
  • The policy provides double the sum insured in case of hospitalisation due to an accident of the insurer
  • One unique feature of student travel insurance in Religare is that it does not demand pre-medical check-up before providing the travel insurance
  • The coverages and benefits of Student travel insurance in Religare offers a comprehensive package which includes various travel inconvenience benefits and coverage for the personal accident
  • Best low-cost travel insurance plans are found only with Religare. With respect to the universities in which they are studying, students can customise their policy covers according to their needs
  • Religare provides the opportunity to select the student travel insurance for the tenure of 1 month to a maximum of 3 years
  • The insurer has the option of selecting the geographical location for the scope of coverage of the travel insurance. Cashless claim settlements and fast disbursement of claims

Group Travel insurance

There is a saying that journeying makes you a storyteller. You can have fruitful memories to cherish with a group travel insurance by Religare when you are travelling as a group. Religare travel insurance for groups provides coverage for both international and domestic journeys. There are single trip policies which provide coverage for a single journey either abroad or domestic. For frequent travellers from office group travel insurance for annual multi-trip is the best. Annual multi-trip policy if cost efficient as it saves the cost of getting single policy done for every single trip. The group travel insurance provides cover for non-medical expenses as well as medical expenses. This group travel insurance for your employees will be a wise choice as perfect corporate travel insurance.

  • The group travel insurance at Religare offers flexibility to choose between single-trip policy and annual multi-trip policy
  • Provides considerable sum for dental expenses
  • Religare provides double the sum insured in case of hospitalisation of the insured due to emergencies
  • Apart from adventure sports injury it also provides cover for self-inflicted injury
  • It covers expenses for an adventure sports injury
  • The policy provides coverage for outpatient and inpatient medical expenses
  • You will get a specially dedicated admin as the guide for travel policies during the insured period
  • It offers widespread coverage for medical tests like radiotherapy, chemotherapy, mammography and cancer screening in-network hospitals
  • Non-medical expenses like the cover for the loss of checked baggage and loss of passport
  • Provides some cover for personal liability and bail bonds under the travel insurance plan
  • The speciality of Religare group travel insurance is its consideration for pre-existing diseases and covers the medical expenses due to a threatening medical condition due to such existing diseases.
  • This policy covers various losses like loss of passport, loss of baggage and loss of international driving license

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